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Open House for Agents in Training

As a mobile-friendly platform, this video can be utilized as an on-site checklist for real estate agents to best prepare for an Open House. By harnessing the power of animation and AI voiceover, I designed this training to solve a performance problem.

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Local Real Estate Agent


Doodly Whiteboard Video

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Open House for New Agents in Training



The Rules and Etiquette for Holding an Open House

This training solution is partially a concept project. In seeking a topic to develop in the Doodly platform, I asked my real estate agent about a performance gap that would benefit from eLearning. Aware that she is a leader in her field and hosts weekly virtual training sessions with new and rising talent, I asked if I could join one of her weekly sessions as a silent observer and she agreed.


The session included two additional experts- a real estate attorney and a home inspector. This particular session focused on just a few topics, and I was thoroughly impressed with the expertise that was shared.


Toward the close of the meeting, the real estate agent referred to an Open House Rules & Etiquette document and indicated that the instructions needed to be paid careful attention because agents were occasionally not following all the steps. Essentially, there were gaps in performance. 


Bingo! I requested to see the document she referred to and set out to tackle the problem.

The Problem

       The performance gap between the document and agents accurately following the instructions was identified as:

The document presented steps out of sequence of what an agent actually does on the job. The Pro Tips came at the end but should be early in the training and paired with the credentials for credibility purposes. The  'pump up' points were also at the end and should be used as an energizer at the beginning of a training.

The document was outdated, as it highlighted safety steps related to COVID, such as agents and attendees must wear booties over shoes, separate fresh and used pens, etc. Irrelevant points cause learners to gloss over information, which can lead to inadvertently missing critical points.

A Word Doc easily gets buried in digital files and would do better to be in hand as agents are preparing for an Open House. A checklist could be helpful, but would require a printout for each house, for each agent. 

From Storyboard to Development

Since Doodly is a platform in which the story is drawn as it is narrated, this performance problem fit this tool perfectly with what I wanted to accomplish. The fictional character represents my real estate agent who is training new agents in real time by having them 'follow' her. Essentially, this is a walk-through style training. "Do what I do."

Screenshot 2023-09-21 162539.png

I wrote a script based on the provided document and the notes I took during the virtual training. I also perused the agent's website to gather her awards and credentials.

I sourced AI voiceover from WellSaid Labs, quickly landing on a female voice that sounded professional and used the promotion voice option that sounded upbeat and had a sales pitch tone. Some 27 recordings were used in the final product.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 223403.png
Roxy Alexander (1).png

I designed a business card for Roxy in Canva by clipping the character from Doodly and uploading the PNG back into Doodly.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 125302.png

I started out with a clunky workflow as I tinkered with the animations, the timing and ordering of the characters and props.


Eventually, I found a better workflow as I realized that simpler is better and used less exit animations and built delay time and extra time into nearly every scene.


Once I brought in the AI voiceover, the story came to life. The background sound file repeats and features a fade that picks up volume just as Roxy introduces herself.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 165423.png


Roxy Alexander is a fictional character based on Collette McDonald with eXp Realty in Atlanta, GA.


Fun fact: "Roxy" is actually Collette's dog's name, and since the X in eXp Realty is reflected in 'Roxy', I gave her a last name with X in it, too. 

Screenshot 2023-09-21 170034.png

Top Performer,
Top Dollar

The Real Estate business is both competitive and commission based. Agents who perform at the highest standard and successfully train new talent to do the same, win!
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