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Investing in executive team growth trains leaders to engage with team members, see their blind spots and make good decisions with better perspective.

Experience the Training Solution 

This PPT slide deck, along with the training guide below, were designed and developed, to support this client in executive coaching and leadership development training.

Click the play button to experience the presentation on a 5-sec automatic player.

Then see below for a detailed description of the client's needs and the development process. 

Triangle Performance


In-person Training

Project Type

Adopting the 1:1 Meeting Strategy for Teams



Coaching Leaders  in Fostering Better Relationships

Triangle Performance helps executives get out of their own way and on the same page through a greater understanding of themselves and each other. The CEO of this leadership coaching business was looking to level up the training assets for in-person facilitation. Having offered training virtually for the past several years, this client and his partner are back onsite at corporations.


The audience of C-suite leaders recognize their need to learn about organizational practices that improve teams and the workplace environment. One of Triangle Performance's trainings is the critical practice of the 1:1 meeting between leaders and their direct reports. 


Good communication is a priority and, therefore, a rhythm of crucial conversations must be installed so that execs benefit from a better understanding of their team members and vice versa. The 1:1 meeting exposes blind spots and misunderstandings which build walls and create a harmful ripple effect in an organization.

Accompanied by a Training Guide

Considering the audience and the caliber of his client organizations, nothing less than a knockout deliverable would suffice. 

A Design from Scratch

The client provided a Word document with all content and the logo, and let me have free reign over the design concept. His only requirement was that the 3 quotes were displayed prominently. I crafted the color scheme from the logo, and recommended photography to reinforce the content in each section. Through pointed questions and ongoing communication in the Analysis phase, I gained an understanding of his target audience (C-suite individuals seeking to improve workplace relationships with their direct reports) and sourced photography to represent just that.

First, I provided the client with the cover page design and a template with header and footer for the remaining pages. Once approved, I developed p. 2 in its entirety to give client a look and feel for subsequent pages. Once approved, I developed pages 3-8.

Hierarchy was utilized to draw out the organizational research and the testimonial quotes from previous clients who had found success with this training. The tan background and transparent quotation marks give credibility to the claim that implementation of the 1:1 meeting model benefits leaders and team members, thus solving a workplace problem. 

Strong repetition and clean, modern design are showcased here. The large 1:1 on each page is very intentional to remind learners what they're learning about and what it's called. Same with the bolded, blue words in certain sentences. Without visual focus, learners' eyes gloss over text.


Communication with the client was excellent and I was able to make just a few edits and deliver the project within a week.

Here’s what Kevin from Triangle Performance had to say about producing a Leadership Coachi

Development Highlights

To accompany the training guide, a PPT presentation of the same caliber was thoughtfully developed to represent his business for in-person training.

The slides were developed in Canva Pro with a customized template.

  • the arrow icon as a transparent background reflects the triangle in the logo

  • extensive use of photography with drop shadow to demonstrate the meeting model in the workplace

  • use of the brand colors and using orange as a border to the topic slides only

  • custom-built footer

  • hierarchy and company logos for testimonials


Slides were imported to PPT. The vision was a clean, minimalist look and no fancy animations.

  • Clickable transitions were applied to each slide.​

  • one video was embedded to model the easy-going nature that the 1:1 meeting should employ.

Talking it Out with Intention

When good communication is a priority, the conversations become more frequent and leaders and team members benefit from understanding each other.
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